Founded in 1877 by Marie de la Passion (Hélène de Chappotin) in the great missionnary zeal of the 18th century, The Institut des Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie (FMM) is currently an International Catholic Congregation present in 73 countries of the 5 continents. The Institute is part of the Franciscan family.


A mission without borders, open to the world whatever the country, the culture, the religion, the social background, implying a real availability throughout our lives. A mission lived in a spirit of service and respect for others. Open to the challenges of our time and to the priorities of the Church. Ready to join the poorest, we take on any task that favors human life or values and make human beings grow.


In the footsteps of François and Claire of Assisi, our mission is in the Franciscan colors of simplicity and peace, praise and joy, friendship with the poorest, love of life and care for creation.